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New Zealand, Auckland & Wellington Property

New Zealand Property Solutions specialises in helping overseas clients find and buy quality investment property in New Zealand. We provide assistance in all areas of owning and buying investment property, such as Banking and Finance, Legal, Accounting and Property Management services. Our focus on research brings a greater level of sophistication to our client's investment decision.

"Creating wealth, security and financial freedom is often an investor's ultimate goal. 90% of millionaires get there by investing in real-estate" Dolf de Roos - writer of New York Times Best Seller 'Real Estate Riches'.

New Zealand property is an attractive investment opportunity enjoying low barriers to entry, as well as a favourable tax system and exchange rates. With its stable political and economic environment, NZ property offers a low-risk, yet profitable, option for overseas investors looking to diversify their portfolio.

New Zealand Real Estate

New Zealand real estate prices are relatively cheaper than its major trading partners and most OECD countries. Offshore investment in this country is in its infancy, however, the level of interest is increasing as more and more people hear about the fantastic growth and income opportunities.

Anticipated population growth in New Zealand's major cities provides an excellent environment for increasing property value. Property prices are relatively undervalued compared to its closest neighbour Australia. In particular, house price growth potential and forecasts of population increases mean that both the Auckland property market and Wellington property market are continuously flourishing.

You may already be aware of the great potential in the NZ property market, but have yet to take the next step. Overseas investors often feel they lack the local market knowledge required to achieve optimal capital gain or rental income. They also often have difficulty finding good professional contacts in New Zealand, such as a qualified mortgage broker, lawyer, accountant or property manager. New Zealand Property Solutions can assist you with contacts for all of these professionals.

New Zealand Property Solutions research the fundamentals of each investment opportunity with the aim of maximising the property's income generation and potential capital growth.

We provide a full and free investment solution service backed by excellent research and on-the-ground knowledge - so you can enter the New Zealand market with confidence.

In addition to supporting you through all steps of finding and buying a suitable property, New Zealand Property Solutions can also provide ongoing property management support through our nationwide network of property managers.


When I first meet the team at NZPS in Singapore earlier this year, I didn't expect their level of professionalism and excellent service. They listened carefully to my investment objectives when we met and over the course of several months, recommended consistently high quality properties that...

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