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Banking and Finance

One of the greatest advantages of buying property is the ability to leverage your investment, in other words, using debt to help pay for the property. Financial institutions regard property as such a sound source of collateral, they're generally willing to loan up to 70% of the purchase price for overseas residents.

New Zealand has many different lending institutions, creating a competitive mortgage environment. Banks and other lenders often change their lending criteria, so you may need our help to ensure you find the most cost effective and flexible loan.

New Zealand Property Solutions provides access to more than 30 lending institutions and keeps up to date with the ever-changing lending market.

Banking and Finance

The major lending institutions all have internet banking facilities so you can login from overseas and see a complete transaction history of your account (rental and mortgage payments), transfer money back to your country of residence, transfer money into your account and communicate with the bank online.

Structuring your loan effectively can be just as important as finding a competitive interest rate. This is why New Zealand Property Solutions have expert lending consultants who are highly skilled in investment property finance. In-depth consultations enable us to assess your lending options and structures, to prepare your loan application effectively and make sure you're maximising your current position. We'll save you time and money, and give you unbiased advice.

Our consultants are experienced in liaising with clients overseas and provide flexible working hours to make things easier for you. We are in constant contact with you through emails and telephone calls throughout the application and finalisation process.

Mortgage Calculator

The loan calculator below has been developed to help you obtain the key information needed when prospecting a new investment.

Enter a loan amount, annual interest rate and repayment period and this calculator will provide the approximate repayment amount required.

This facility is provided as a guide only. The formulas used in this calculator provide close approximations but no exact. It is recommended that you seek professional financial advice before entering into any agreement. NZPS banking service is a free service

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