Brits Want to Move to New Zealand

By | November 23, 2011

Nov 2011

In recent years Britain has seen the economy take a turn for the worst. With unemployment continuing to rise, and ongoing business insecurity has resulted in a record number of enquires for those wanting to move to both New Zealand and Australia.

The Overseas Guides Company has seen requests for Australia up 160%, but it was New Zealand that had an overwhelming surge in requests with a staggering 735% increase from the last quarter.  Overseas Guides Company editor, Richard Way said “it’s not surprising” referring to the increase in interest to purchase property in New Zealand and Australia, which is related to the soaring numbers wanting to immigrate ‘down under’ in recent months.

A portion of interest could be attributed to popularity of the Rugby World Cup help in New Zealand during September and October of this year where New Zealand showcased the beauty of the country, and put their best foot forward.   However a lot of enquires can be related to the downfall of the European economy, on the brink of another recession. With fewer opportunities it’s understandable that amount of young Britons looking to work abroad in Australia and New Zealand. The process of immigrating to these countries has now become easier.