Tourism Numbers Hit Record High

By | July 21, 2010

21 July 2010

For the first time the number of tourists coming to New Zealand over a one year period has topped 2.5 million.  Given the global financial crisis and worldwide H1N1 (“Swine Flu”) pandemic this is especially encouraging for tourism in New Zealand.

According to Statistics New Zealand the total visitor arrivals topped 2.501 million for the year ending June 2010.

Population Statistics manager Bridget Hamilton-Seymour says “This milestone was almost reached in 2008, but the global economic downturn contributed to a decline in visitor numbers after a peak of 2.497 million in the March 2008 year.”

Our Australian neighbours make up 45% or 1.119 million visitors to New Zealand over this period.   Tourists from the UK make up 10% or 248,900 of all visits.  Visitors from the USA account for 8% or 194,000 persons in the June 2010 year.  A further 7.5% of tourists came from China (105,200) and Japan (83,600).

The month of June saw a total of 145,800 visitors to New Zealand; this is up 8% from monthly figures in June 2009.

Visitor numbers from China, Japan, and Korea have recovered from the previous year after the swine flu crisis affected arrivals from these countries.  Australian tourist numbers are also up on 2009 figures.