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New Zealand, Auckland & Wellington Property in Singapore

Investment Property in Auckland & the Rest of Beautiful New Zealand

Here at New Zealand Property Solutions we aim to find the most suitable property investments in New Zealand for our overseas clients based in Singapore, Malaysia and many other developed countries.

We provide a wide-ranging service that covers all aspects of the property purchasing and owning process, with exclusive and discounted property deals on offer. We offer support in the legal, banking, accounting, finance and property management stages of owning an investment property; combined with a detailed research to guarantee, our investment opportunities are the right ones for you.

New Zealand has a unique Government system which allows overseas non-residents to purchase investment property with low barriers to entry and New Zealand's exchange rate is often favourable. Recently the property market in New Zealand has been experiencing a national wide upswing in property values, reaching new heights since the last market peak in 2007. This can be attributed to population growth in some of New Zealand's biggest cities, and a shortage in supply.

Many Singaporean and international investors may not have the local market understanding to maximise the full potential of capital gains and positive cash flow that comes from New Zealand property investment. New Zealand Property Solutions provides the necessary knowledge to ensure a sound investment, as well the difficult process of finding the professional contacts required.

New Zealand Property Solutions has on offer modern apartments and houses in the biggest cities around New Zealand. We look to maximize our clients' capital gain and income generation, by showcasing high demand property with excellent return of investment. We offer a range of discounted investments that include freehold luxury apartments in high rises which have great views, are in the central city and include car parks. We specialise in supplying Singapore and Malaysian clients with property investments they can rely on.


"When I first meet Narelle Jakeway of NZPS in Singapore earlier this year, I didn't expect her level of professionalism and excellent service. She listened carefully to my investment objectives when we met and over the course of several months, recommended consistently high quality properties that matched what I was looking for. It was through her skillful negotiation, knowledge and eye for detail and recommendation of a reliable team of highly skilled professionals that made my first NZ property purchase a successful and exciting experience. Great job, Kat, thank you!"

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