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Wellington Real Estate Property

Why Invest in Wellington Property?

Wellington Property

As the capital of New Zealand, Wellington is widely regarded as the most beautiful city in New Zealand. The harbour really sets Wellington alight and the rich vibrant society is renowned for its café lifestyle.

More than most cities, life in Wellington is dominated by its central business district (CBD). Approximately 62,000 people work in the CBD, which is only 4,000 fewer than work in Auckland's CBD, despite Wellington having a population only a third the size of Auckland. Central Wellington rental property is a must for the savvy investor.

Alongside Government agencies are a host of corporations and businesses; technology, fashion, and of course, Peter Jackson (producer and director of Lord of the Rings) and the famous Weta Workshop and film facilities. These organisations all bring with them a demographic of young professionals who in turn represent quality tenants. Victoria and Massey Universities add students to the mix of the capital's residential dwellers. For these reasons, purchasing Wellington investment property is a smart move.

Why purchase Wellington property?

When purchasing Wellington property (or New Zealand property in general) as a non-resident or off shore investor; there are a few things to consider:

  • Is location important?
  • Why does one area attract tenants over another?
  • What is net cash flow and how does it apply to my prospective Wellington investment property purchase?
  • Capital gains have recently been a feature of the New Zealand property market; will I be taxed on this?
  • Are there any other tax implications that I need to be aware of?
  • What is the lending criteria New Zealand banks have for non-residents?
  • What relevant professionals will I need to purchase New Zealand real estate?

All of these queries (and many more) can be answered by our friendly, professional team. All of our consultants have had many years’ experience in the industry. Click here to contact us now.

Purchasing a Wellington investment property with New Zealand Property Solutions is a streamlined and transparent process. We are the Wellington property market experts! Please see our Free Investor Guide for further information.