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Denise Casey - Property Consultant - Director | 021 229 6559

Denise Casey

Denise has sold an incredible array of properties, from farms of land in her home country Ireland, to some of the tallest apartment towers on behalf of Australia and New Zealand’s largest property developers.

But regardless of these accolades, Denise is adamant that “People are at the heart of everything we do at NZ Property Solutions.

Once we understand exactly what our clients want, need and desire, we can then work out an innovative strategy to get the desired result. My team and I are fully committed to better property experiences for our clients.”

Peter Gale - Senior Advisor & Negotiator | 021 608 107

Peter Gale

Peter is a seasoned property owner and investor of over 35 years; with a lifetime of experience in marketing and business. As one of the pioneers in marketing townhouses, apartments and units since they were first popularised in the early 2000s, he’s a veritable guru in these types of homes.

Highly qualified with B/Comm and M/Comm degrees, Peter lectured at Otago University and has a lifetime of experience in the cut-and-thrust of business including senior management roles with well-known businesses such as MTF, Fisher & Paykel and House of Travel Holdings.

Peter’s skillset ranges wide; from modest apartments, upmarket townhouses, and modern homes through to substantial ‘off-the-plans’ multiple unit development projects. And after years in the property industry through changing and challenging markets, Peter recognises the importance of hard work and tailored campaigns.

It’s Peter’s professionalism and results-based drive that will be your advantage in the real estate arena. Pragmatic. Creative. Obsessive. He’s across everything: from strategy to investing, to daily operations. But most importantly, everything Peter does underpins his focus to get the best possible outcome for you, with minimal fuss.

Please feel free to contact me, and have a chat about your property aspirations.

Tom Macaulay - Property consultant | 027 587 3330

Tom Macaulay

Hi, I’m Tom. Along with the experienced team at NZ Property Solutions, I relish the opportunity to assist you through all aspects of your property journey.

For most a property transaction is a major life event and can be a little daunting.  Ensuring you work with an expeirenced agent that knows how to maket, neogitate, sell and acheive great results is the key to your success. 

We focus on value – be it your time, money, marketing and potential.  I would love the opportunity to talk you through how I can assist you on your property endevours. 

Please feel free to contact me, and have a chat about your property aspirations.

Peter Rawling - Property Manager / Director | 0272682333

Peter Rawling

As a property investor and experienced business professional, I provide our clients with a unique combination of hands on property investment experience and business acumen.

With twenty years progressive experience in domestic and international business, I am an experienced, committed, reliable and resourceful business person, focused on developing long term partnerships, delivering a return on investment, and building sustainable success. I have been a home owner and landlord across several properties in multiple countries over the last 15 years, so I have a full understanding of the needs and wants of our landlords.

Originally from Dunedin, I lived and worked overseas for 13 years - Sapporo, London, Melbourne, Toronto, then to Auckland and Blenheim for a few years, before returning home to Dunedin with my wife and two young daughters.

Beryl Lebowitz Ciccoricco - Property consultant | 021 239 0342

Beryl Lebowitz Ciccoricco

Hailing from NYC, global traveller Beryl Lebowitz-Ciccoricco now calls Dunedin home and joins the sales team of NZPS after 6 years in Dunedin’s health and wellness sector. As co-founder/owner of AYU Community Space she’s worked with Dunedin’s diverse population through events, trainings, and workshops, and loves the variety of the ‘goings on’ in town.

Her 20 year ‘big city’ hospitality management career affords her both an efficient pace and as well as adaptable, creative solutions for Dunedin’s dynamic business landscape, while her yoga training keeps her calm under pressure for smart, capable, punctual negotiations.

This exciting change of career was first inspired by the freedom to travel that homeownership & apartment rentals allowed her while in the states…. Here in Dunedin, however, the process of buying a new build town home with NZPS fuelled the fire to build a NZ property portfolio and pursue real estate sales. This, plus her innate love of socialising and networking, high level customer service, and the exciting real estate trends the country is experiencing as a whole, channelled her to join this supportive, dynamic team.


Lyndon Fairbairn - Director | 021 562 232

Lyndon Fairbairn

Hi,  I’m Lyndon. We started helping kiwis buy quality properties over 18 years ago. Our group of companies have now helped thousands of people invest in over $1.5billion worth of real estate and also have organically grown a client base of over 35,000 qualified buyers.

We’ve been successful as we are different. We understand that buying and selling property have their own dynamics and set of skills to make a successful transaction. A property purchase or sale is a major life event for most and having an experienced leading hand guiding you is of the utmost importance. Our team is here to help you throughout this exciting journey.

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