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Lyndon Fairbairn BCom, DFP Director

Lyndon Fairbairn

Hi,  I’m Lyndon. We started helping kiwis and people from all around the world buy property over 16 years ago. Our group of companies have now helped thousands of people invest in over $1.5billion worth of property and we have over 25,000 clients regularly receiving education, market updates and New Zealand property opportunities.

We’ve been successful as we are different. We take the client for life approach and understand that buying a property in a different city or country has its challenges. There’s a massive knowledge gap. Finding the right property at the right price is hard enough, however having a team of professionals to call on such as lawyers, mortgage brokers, accountants and property managers is equally important to make for a smooth buy, hold and sell process. We’re here for you throughout this exciting journey.

Lyndon Fairbairn

Denise Casey Director

“A property’s location is paramount, but the numbers need to stack up for it to be a sound investment opportunity.”

Denise Casey

Hi, I’m Denise, a fellow Director and have been involved in real estate sales for over 20 years. Being a committed property investor myself, I love working closely with fellow clients and customers wishing to start or grow a valuable property investment portfolio.   


Even if you are not quite ready to buy, come and join us and gain some more understanding of the NZ property environment. Download the free NZ property investor guide today. We’re happy to help.

Denise Casey

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